Youtube: The TV of the new generation

Youtube today can easily be considered as the new television, given precisely the content offered and at the same time the response that this is managing to get on the network, a fundamental detail that must necessarily be kept in one’s mind. Youtube, which began as a video sharing portal, has undergone several evolutions over […]

What is the right web marketing strategy for your business?

The world steps aside to let each individual pass if he knows where he is going. (David Jordan) Underlying the increase in sales, customers, and users is always a strategy. And in the online world, it is good to define the most suitable web marketing strategy for our company. How? Through all those planned actions […]

WhatsApp: messaging app also targets businesses

The business world, as of recently, has decided to embrace a new application that is sure to improve customer relations, namely Whatsapp Business. Here is what such an application consists of, who it is aimed at, and most importantly, what benefits can be gained by taking advantage of such an extension of Whatsapp. Since its […]

Back to the future: ads that work on Social

Social media advertisements represent a marketing tool that, if structured well, can be synonymous with great success for the business that decides to employ this strategy. One much-discussed case, which has become viral and successful, is the advertisement that Fiat wanted to create to promote its new 500 on social media, whose advertisement was precisely […]

Contest: a business opportunity

The contest, very often, it is one of the marketing strategies that is used the least as it is defined as complex to apply but, on the contrary, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that if the aforementioned were used with care, the positive results that would be achieved would make one’s […]

Flight Ads: Facebook’s new advertising solution

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world by no coincidence. The continuous search for new solutions that can meet both the information needs of its users, who are always looking for the most convenient solution for their purchases, and the needs of profitable marketing for the many brands that see social as […]

Human Resources & personnel management: how to build a team that really works

Human resources are like natural resources, they lie deep within, which is why you have to go out and look for them, and above all, you have to create the conditions for them to manifest. (Ken Robinson) Between acronyms and anglicisms: Human Resources, HR, or more simply Human Resources What is meant by human resources? […]

Direct Email Marketing (DEM): everything you need to know to get good results

How to write a good email: 1. Write the email. 2. Delete most of them. 3. Send. (Dan Munz) Direct Email Marketing (DEM): what it is DEM is a direct marketing tool that uses e-mail to communicate a particular message–commercial or otherwise–to an audience. The primary purpose, then, is to engage, retain, acquire new customers […]

Writing for the web: mistakes to absolutely avoid

Believe in yourself when you write; doubt it, like an enemy, when you read again. (Ugo Ojetti) Amen to that! Undeniable for any kind of writing, even the more “modern” kind of writing that we are now increasingly involved in online. So-called web writing provides its own rules, it is true, but it is still […]