Instagram Stories: how to best use them for your business

Speed, immediacy, involvement-these are the key-words that open doors to us about the world and the everyday reality in which we live. And if 2+2=4, then speed+immediacy+involvement=InstagramStories. How do they work? In keeping with the concept of the most widely used photographic social media of the moment, Stories are a tool that is as memorable […]

Writing for the web: mistakes to absolutely avoid

Believe in yourself when you write; doubt it, like an enemy, when you read again. (Ugo Ojetti) Amen to that! Undeniable for any kind of writing, even the more “modern” kind of writing that we are now increasingly involved in online. So-called web writing provides its own rules, it is true, but it is still […]

Funnel marketing: what is a sales funnel and how to do it

Sales funnel: what is it? Funnel marketing is a strategy aimed at converting a simple visitor into a (satisfied) customer, through a path whose shape resembles a funnel (funnel in English, precisely), and step by step we take him by the hand until the last stage: the purchase of a product or service. The top […]

Why storytelling is essential in brand management

The marketing and communication of a product contemplate the need to adopt effective brand management strategies. The latter makes it possible to increase brand equity, or the asset value of the brand. This is done by studying ways to include an implicit promise in a product’s communication, which, by recognizing it, will prompt the consumer […]

Neuromarketing and the digital world: users’ purchasing channels

Neuromarketing is a landmark branch of neuroeconomics and fuses aspects concerning marketing, neurology, and psychology.. The purpose of neuromarketing is to intercept what is happening in people’s brains in response to stimuli related to products or advertisements, with the goal of determining the strategies that drive the performance of a desired action. Neuromarketing in support […]

New social networks: discovering the latest trendy platforms

Who nowadays does not use at least one social network? There is no need to feel guilty or deserving in this regard, it is simply what happens around us on a daily basis, it is touching reality. A world and a reality, those of social networks, that are in constant turmoil and evolution, and the […]

Business Intelligence – The trends that will drive 2018

Increasingly digitized companies are witnessing the inescapability of business intelligence and the ability to make decisions based on data spread across all corners of the enterprise. Whether you are in sales, finance, marketing or logistics: data is the currency to thrive in today’s landscape. Business intelligence as a business process Business Intelligence understood as a […]