Advertising your site on Facebook and/or Instagram

One click can have great value. Choose a campaign that helps you get leads: users will arrive on a web page with business information and a form to fill out.

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A click-to-web campaign on Facebook allows you, through one click, to direct users where you want them. You can promote your site or generate leads by directing users to a page with a specific offer (landing page). Once it has been decided what to target, the click-to-web campaign will be set up following a strategy that allows targeting to the page of interest. Do you want people interested in your company to take a particular action? This is the right campaign.


  • Defining clear visibility objectives pursued with the campaign
  • Defining strategy: target audience, objectives to be measured, organization of publications
  • Dedicated budget optimization and control
  • Visual and copy creation of the Facebook ad
  • Setup 1 Facebook Ads Campaign
  • Campaign monitoring and optimization


Within 24 hours of purchasing the service, you will be contacted by one of our Directors who will gather initial information about your company, your goals, and notify you of all the materials and information you will need to provide. Once the materials are gathered we will set up the campaign. Your Director will notify you when it is active.


This campaign will bring thousands of potential customers to your site or landing page. A landing is preferable because it directly and uniquely reports the business proposition made in the advertisement. In any case, it is most important that your customers find high-quality content and images so that your brand is attributed reliability and authority. Here are some products to make sure you are not caught unprepared.

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