Website Technical Support

The website is not a static tool but should always be updated and improved so that it best represents your company. Constant updates and interventions also defend it from hacker attacks and thus increase its security.

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A website always needs work to be updated, improved and made consistent with your company’s offerings. Count on us for site interventions of any kind. Whether you need to insert new pages, edit text images or other content, or if you want to make sure your site is always up-to-date on the security systems that defend it from hacker attacks, this is the right product. You ask for a change, we implement it.


  • Up to 15 hours/month of interventions on your website
  • Continuous support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Interventions within 24h


Within 24 hours of purchasing the service, you will be contacted by one of our Directors who will verify your most frequent update needs. Periodic update and safety activities will then be set up, and you will be notified of how to request additional interventions. The Director will be your technical contact for the duration of the service and will coordinate our Specialists whenever you request an intervention.


A website is made up of text and images, and the quality of these elements strongly determines the final result. If your site lacks impactful text and professional images, and if you want your site to be ready to climb the heights of Google search pages, here are other products to improve and update it.

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