Publishing editorial articles on industry sites

Offer useful and correct information in the industry sites most used by our customers in order to appear authoritative and reliable in front of those who are looking for our products or services. This is Digital PR


What you can get

The product “Publishing editorial articles on industry sites” allows you to appear authoritative and reliable in front of those who are looking for our products or services. This also improves your SEO ranking and increases traffic to your web page in response to certain user searches. At Overstep we have thousands of industry sites on which to show and in which to place links to your website.

Why Choose It

As mentioned creating advertorials that talk about your product or service, also called Digital PR, is an effective technique to appear authoritative and trustworthy in front of those who are searching for our products or services but also from the SEO point of view allows you to get:

  • Quality traffic to your website;
  • Better Google ranking;
  • Better perception of your company as a reliable and expert source in the field.

The greater the number of links pointing to your website, the better Google’s perception of your site and, as a result, will propose it at the top of the list to users typing in certain keywords.

All the benefits

Those who purchase the service “Publishing editorial articles on industry sites” can get:

  • Keyword research and content niches;
  • Searching for information to produce the content;
  • Search for high-traffic and high Domain Authority sites;
  • Production and publication of an informative article with links back to your site.

How we work

Within 24 hours of purchasing the product “Publishing editorial articles on industry sites” you will be contacted by our Director who will ask you for essential information about your company and notify you of the materials to be provided. Once we get what we need we will identify the best sites on which to publish your content, prepare it and send it to you for approval to make sure everything is correct. Once approved it will be published on a site considered authoritative by Google and we will include a link back to your site to improve ranking.

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