Web site realization 10 pages

If you need a well-organized, comprehensive and authoritative business website, leave nothing to chance. There are those who can handle it with the utmost care and creativity: us.



A rich website is a necessary space for high-growth businesses. And it becomes even more useful if it collects comprehensive, easily available, complete and accurate content. Only in this way, in fact, can you convince people interested in your products or services to go deeper and request a contact. If you do not yet have a website that effectively tells your business or you already have one but want to expand it, this is the right service to purchase.


  • Template selection and customization suitable for the client’s product sector
  • Site on CMS WordPress for updating by the customer in total autonomy
  • Creating 5 page templates: home, about us, services/products, blog, contacts
  • Responsive design: adapts to various screen resolutions, especially valid for mobile devices
  • SEO friendly: developed with search engine compliant code
  • Integrated with social media
  • Corporate blog development for publishing business
  • Domain and hosting for one year
  • Texts and images provided by the client


Within 24 hours of purchasing the service, you will be contacted by one of our Directors who will gather initial information about your company and notify you of all the materials and information you will need to provide. Once the materials (text and images) are gathered, you will be sent some proposals for graphics, and once the most suitable one is identified, we will start working on the site. Your Director will send you a complete draft of the site so you can verify that everything is up to your expectations. After all the necessary finishing touches have been made, your site will go online.


A website is made up of text and images, and the quality of these elements strongly determines the final result. If you don’t have time to write impactful text, if you don’t have professional images of your company, and if you want your site to be ready to climb the heights of Google search pages, here are some products to go along with your site implementation.