Advertising your site on Linkedin

Activate a paid campaign on Linkedin. So many professionals may be interested in your offerings.

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If your target audience is businesses, LinkedIn is the platform you need to activate effective advertising campaigns. Through a clear call-to-action, you can direct managers and business owners to your website or landing page to better present products, services and offers. Rely on us to hit the jackpot.


  • Defining clear visibility objectives pursued with the campaign
  • Defining strategy: target audience, objectives to be measured, organization of publications
  • Dedicated budget optimization and control
  • Visual and copy creation of the advertisement on Linkedin
  • Setup 1 Linkedin Ads campaign
  • Campaign monitoring and optimization


Within 24 hours of purchasing the service, you will be contacted by one of our Directors who will gather initial information about your company, your goals, and notify you of all the materials and information you will need to provide. Once the materials are gathered we will set up the campaign. Your Director will notify you when it is active.