Targeted advertisements on Google

Intercept a specific user question and respond with a precise advertising message to position yourself at the top of Google results.

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A Search campaign allows you to be found on Google, meeting the needs of those who need you. We can create specific advertisements that will appear just when someone is searching for your products or services. Meet the needs of users by proposing the solution to their requests right on the front page.


  • Creation and activation of a 1 campaign on a Google Ads account
  • Selection of 20 keywords for which you want to place ads
  • Creation of 3 advertisements pointing to the website
  • Defining the geographic targeting that you are interested in hitting with ads
  • Creating extensions for ads to add more detailed information
  • Setting up a tracking code to monitor traffic and conversions on the site (all actions a user takes to comply with the campaign purpose)
  • Daily optimization and management of the budget invested in the campaign
  • Campaign optimization and monitoring


Within 24 hours of purchasing the service, you will be contacted by one of our Directors who will gather initial information about your company, your goals, and notify you of all the materials and information you will need to provide. Once the materials are gathered we will start working on the campaign. Your Director will notify you when the campaign is online.


Intercepting demand for products and services from your customers is the most effective action in marketing. Complement your advertising strategy with a remarketing campaign to chase down your undecided customers and be ready with updated site content and professional social pages.